It’s time for Change

Change is a process. Best achieved with management, colleague and family support. Covid 19 lockdown experiences will lead many to make changes in their personal and professional lives

More men need to Step UP

Women deserve better. Covid19 restrictions have been tougher on women. More jobs lost. More home and care responsibilities. Flexibility must facilitate men to Step Up – allowing women to have greatly improved work opportunities


Covid 19 restrictions have, in the main, proven flexibility – place and time – is a productive and economical new way of work.

Celebrate. Be Informed. Take Action

Men need to be more engaged.

Flexibility. Assume your prospective employer will be accommodative. There’s real evidence. they will!

Recommended: ‘Chasing work-life balance’, Sue White, The Age.

Boost your career opportunities – give soft-skills a ‘workout’!

Recommended: ‘Nothing soft about the key skills’.  Financial Review & DeakinCo.


Benefits all round – flexibility for women and men.

Recommended: ‘Flexible careers…’ Angela Priestley, Women’s Agenda.

What companies are doing in the next 100 days to expedite change for women

Women and Leadership Australia launched #100daysforchange on 1 July 2018. Tracey Spicer lists some pledges individuals and business have already made.