Women in Leadership. Two Day & One Day programs; Short n’ Sharp workshops; Presentations

Flexible Work Arrangements.  3 Levels: Star; Skilled; Starter


All training is fully hand-crafted to meet specific client needs.


lifeMoves® Essentials:

Leadership – Establish and progress leadership authenticity and credibility across a range of situations
Values – Make decisions for leadership, values-based
Flexibility – Connect well-defined leadership goals to work and life cycles
Choices – Commit to creating options and actioning leadership opportunities
Me – Build a team of active supporters and advocates for leadership


The Essentials™ were identified by PRIORITY ONE TRAINING in 2006 as a result of global research and the knowledge gained in partnering with Corporate and Government organisations in the Asia Pacific Region . We understand the issues and the barriers that are often present and the variety of opportunities that can be created by taking personal responsibility for promoting career advancement.