PRIORITY ONE TRAINING – developing, designing and delivering fully tailored leadership training programs in Australia since 1995 and in Asia since 2000

We believe:

  • Women in leadership is an issue for women and men
  • Talking about the issues at every level is critical
  • Setting strategies to achieve gender balance is a shared process
  • Mutual trust and respect underpin change


Program Focus

Women often need to work harder and longer and face many more challenges to career advancement than men in most organisations globally. In our experience in developing and delivering leadership training programs in Australia and Asia (since 1998 / 2000 respectively) we have determined that women need to speak up in their organisations and say, ‘Leadership is my goal!’ … and then pursue it, learn from the challenges and take every opportunity to make it happen.

the Essentials

Leadership – Establish and progress leadership authenticity and credibility across a range of
Values – Make decisions for leadership, values-based
Flexibility – Connect well-defined leadership goals to work and life cycles
Choices – Commit to creating options and actioning leadership opportunities
Me – Build a team of active supporters and advocates for leadership

Program Outcomes

Apply the Essentials across a range of situations
Develop 4 skills crucial to demonstrating leadership style
Engage in constructive conversations for making work and life decisions
Network to expose and develop unique leadership opportunities
Deal constructively with personal and professional barriers to leadership
Create an active support team

Please Note: Highly effective PRIORITY ONE TRAINING strategies are employed in the training:

  • Networking the FAB Strategy™
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • 4 Steps of Influence




Additives: PRIORITY ONE TRAINING People Development programs:

Develop Our Business & Your Career™


Program Focus: Mutual trust and respect, shared expectations and goals deliver success


  • Self-Awareness / Self-Management / Self-Growth
  • Networking
  • Business / Career planning


Resilience – Ready…Set…Go™

Program Focus: Resilience has to be one of the most critical personal attributes needed for high level success in most organisations across the globe.


  • Managing change / Initiating change
  • When what is isn’t what I want it to be
  • Change what I can accept what I cannot
  • Identify visualise actualise

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